The Peabody Art Collection
A Treasure for Maryland
PAINTINGS (listed by artist's last name)
Bahr, Leonard, May Garrettson Evans
Ball, Alice Worthington, Loch Raven
Bartlett, William Henry, View of Baltimore
Beckwith, James Carroll, George William Brown
Bellows, George, The Picnic
Bordley, John Beale, William Bennett Paca
Brueghel, Jan, Christ Restoring Sight to the Blind Man
Casilear, John William, Winterhorn, Switzerland
Cassatt, Mary, Portrait of Madame J
Castaigne, Andre, Après le Combat à Rome
Claesz, Pieter, Still Life
Colman, Samuel, Beach Scene
Conradi, Frederick, Flock of Chickens
Cooper, Henry, Aber D. Unger
Corner, Thomas Cromwell, James Wilson Leakin
Corner, Thomas Cromwell, John Parker
Corner, Thomas Cromwell, Lawrason Riggs
Cropsey, Jasper Francis, Autumn on the Hudson
Dewing, Thomas Wilmer, Lady with a Fan
Dickinson, Lowes Cato, George Peabody
Dieterich, Louis, Nathaniel Holmes Morison
Doughty, Thomas, Susquehanna River
Durand, Asher B., Fishkill Mountains, New York
Durand, Asher B., Landscape, Study from Nature
Elliger, Ottamer, Still Life: Flowers
Elliott, Charles Loring, Charles Bradenbaugh
Gill, Rosalie, The Orchid
Gordon, Winifred, Harold Randolph
Guardi, Francesco, The Custom House, Venice
Guy, Francis, Pennington Mills, Looking Downstream
Guy, Francis, Pennington Mills, Looking Upstream
Hallwig, Paul, George William Brown
Hassam, Childe, Madison Square, Snowstorm
Hawthorne, Charles Webster, Fisher Boys
Heem, David de, Still Life
Hesselius, John, John Paca
Homer, Winslow, Waiting an Answer
Hopkinson, Charles, J. Hall Pleasants
House, James, George Washington
Hovenden, Thomas, Lady Tending Flowers
Hovenden, Thomas, One Who Can Read
Inness, George, The Storm
Jacque, Charles Émile, Fowl in Barnyard
Johnson, Eastman, Down East Courtship
Jones, Hugh Bolton, A Quiet Morning
Jones, Hugh Bolton, Morning on the Severn River, MD
Jones,  Hugh Bolton, Near Northampton, Massachusetts
Jones, Hugh Bolton, Near Union Bridge, Maryland
Jones, Hugh Bolton, Twilight on Bear Creek
Jones, Hugh Bolton, Winter Sunset
Jones, John, George Peabody
Keller, Marie de Ford, Claggett Chew
Kensett, John Frederick, On the Thames, Near Windsor
Kent, Rockwell, Admiralty Sound, Terra del Fuego
Kühn, Justus Engelhardt, Daniel Dulaney the Elder
Lambdin, James Reid, George Peabody
Lemmens, Théophile, Fowl by Stable Door
Lemmens, Théophile, Fowl by Well
Lie, Jonas, The Silent River
Mackall, R. McGill, Gustav Strube
Mackubin, Florence, Mon Concierge
Mayer, Francis Blackwell, Annapolis in 1750
Mayer, Francis Blackwell, Waiting Orders
Mieris, Frans van, Child and Dog
Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban, Madonna and Child
Pannini, Giovanni, Old Doorway with Shepherd & Flock 
Pannini, Giovanni, Roman Ruins 
Paradise, John, William Hartigan
Peale, Charles Willson, George Washington
Peale, Charles Willson, William Paca
Peale, Rembrandt, George Washington
Peale, Rembrandt, Maximilian Godefroy
Peale, Rembrandt, General William Eaton
Pigalle, Jean Baptiste, Interieur d'atelier
Pine, Robert Edge, Head of a Youth, in Spanish Dress
Quartley, Arthur, Morning, the Arrival, New York
Quartley, Arthur, Oyster Season, Sinepuxent Bay, MD
Read, Thomas Buchanan, George Peabody
Redfield, Edward, Canal at Center Bridge
Reni, Guido, St. Michael
Renoux, Charles Colus, Interior of an Old Church
Rosa, S. (School of), Stormy Landscape with Figures
Salm, A., Untitled (Ships by Shore)
Scacciati, Andrea, Still Life: Flowers
Sirani, Elizabetta, Holy Child with Angels
Sonntag, William Louis, Landscape
Stuart, Gilbert, Sir Joshua Reynolds
Sully, T., Sarah E. Hindman as Little Red Riding Hood
Tryon, Dwight William, Morning
Unknown artist, Cherubs in Roseate Sky
Unknown artist, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry
Unknown artist, Elizabeth Knox (Mrs. George Carton)
Unknown artist, George Peabody
Unknown artist, Grotto
Unknown artist, Houses on the Bank of a Stream
Unknown artist, Interior of a Church
Unknown artist, Madonna, Child, and St. John
Van Dyck, Anthony, Portrait of a Lady
Van Lerius, Joseph François Henri, Girl Holding Fruit
Van Uden, Lucas, Landscape
Volaire, J.A., Night Scene: Conflagration on a Lake
Volkmar, Charles, Landscape
Walker, Horatio, Peasant Scraping a Pig
Way, Andrew John Henry, Apples
Weir, Julian Alden, Flower Girl
Whittredge, Thomas Worthington, Retrospection
Wilson, Matthew, John Pendleton Kennedy
Wilson, Matthew, Rev. George Washington Burnap
Worlidge, T., Edward Berry as Dominic in the Spanish Friar

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