The Peabody Art Collection
A Treasure for Maryland

Artist: Joseph Maxwell Miller (1877-1933)

James Cardinal Gibbons Medal
Title: James Cardinal Gibbons (pair of medals)
Date: Early 20th century
Medium: Bronze medals
Dimensions: Diameter, 2.75"
Accession number: MSA SC 4680-50-0045

Other works by Joseph Maxwell Miller in the Peabody Collection:

Title: Ishmael
Date: 1902
Medium: Plaster
Dimensions:  Height, 51"
Accession number: MSA SC 4680-20-0044

Title: Orpheus (Harold Randolph Memorial)
Date: 20th century
Medium: Marble
Dimensions: 43.25 x 34.5"
Accession number: MSA SC 4680-20-0045

Title: Poetry
Date: Early 20th century
Medium: Plaster
Dimensions: 149 x 60.5"
Accession number: MSA SC 4680-20-0183

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