The Archives Room

Desk, Made for the Maryland Legislature

Maker: Harrington & Mills, Baltimore, MD, c. 1876
Medium: Wood, Ash, yellow pine, burl walnut and mahogany
MSA SC 1545-3481

Thomas Johnson, Jr.

Under the direction of Baltimore architect George Frederick, the firm of Harrington & Mills of Baltimore was awarded the contract to produce furnishings for both legislative chambers during the Victorian-era renovations of 1876-7 for $5,664.46.

By 1898 these desks had been refinished, brass name-plate frames were affixed to the face of the desk and a burl veneer was added to the edges of the top to reflect current fashion.

The desk on display in the Archives Room reveals the late nineteenth century refinishing campaign while the reproduction desks exhibited in the recreated Old House of Delegates Chamber show the original Harrington & Mills design.

Fine Arts & DEcorative Arts in the Archives Room

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1858 House of Delegates Desk
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